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Our billing status

Taiwan Wish Associate Detective Limited are built to offer useful solutions for all the client's needs by any necessary investigation mean, in accordance with Law.

We offer report with evidences which will be receivable in court for any litigation support.

Consultations before case proceeded are free, confidential and without obligation on your part.

Our fee type will be as follows:

  1. Fixed hourly rate, as per your case needs.
  2. Daily / weekly rate.
  3. Project offer / package offer / partner special offer with discount.

Additional part will be as follows:

  1. File opening.
  2. Travelling costs regarding missions, outside New Taipei City.
  3. Overseas operations / services.

Service terms:

  1. Down payment 80%
  2. 20% will be paid by client when report / evidences submitted.
  3. For more budget control matters, please kindly find our advisors for more details.
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