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Signs of cheating

Those spouses or boy / girl friends who are cheating will be with following signs.

You should always pay more attention on any possible signs of those might cheat you and unfaithful to your relationship (infidelity).

Here comes a check list for you to decide if you should check further of the possibilities your spouse might cheating on you.

  • A strange phone call but they told you that is just a co-worker.
  • A secret e-mail address or more you did not even know
  • Female or male’s perfume smells, but not yours.
  • They will leave for work or left office earlier, but get home very late.
  • A secret bank acc. or more they did not tell you
  • Strange hairs in their car or on the clothes.
  • Abnormal records of their credit card for shopping, such as motels, flowers, rental cars, presents etc.
  • Their phone calls become more and more, and phone bills are higher than usual.
  • They changed their life style and outfits, even hair style or new clothes, perfume.
  • Spent lots of time online, or with their phone.
  • Stop teasing on you, not interested in sex with you, or simply ask for different sex pattern.
  • They will start cheat you in daily life, and ignore your questions or defend themselves instantly.
  • They will go out along on weekend, or holiday, without let you know.
  • No answering their phone of your calls, with lots of excuses.
  • A raising bill of daily expenses, such as fuel or car maintenance.

Contact us if you found above these are your current situation of your marriage.

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