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Background Investigation

For the internet scam is getting more and more, the personal background check become an important way to know who you are talking to on line.

Even in daily business of corporations, when a sudden big case comes from a strange overseas company, all you have to do is to check them and their credit in advance.

Wish Detectives Taiwan offers such background investigation for years and helped our clients all over the world, just like a shield against those who might cheat you in any possible way.

Our background check is include but not limited as follows:

  1. Current address, contact details
  2. Address they ever use
  3. Date of birth, ID details
  4. Financial status
  5. Bankruptcy records, civil or crime records
  6. Family details
  7. Marriage status
  8. Media references
  9. Career history, employee records
  10. Other abilities or certificate of their mentioned.

We offer a tailor made module for all kinds of your possible background investigation.

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Wish Detectives Taiwan

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