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Counterfeit Investigation

Counterfeits are cheap?

Counterfeit is the same as good as a real one?

The answer is definitely NO, the only reason is, counterfeits are not only cause a certain damage of global economic activities, even in most of the time they will damage you personally not only financially, but physically.

For those fake luxury bags, clothes, sun glasses might not directly cause you feel affected badly of their damages, but some like fake food, even fake medicine, those may kill you or harm you are getting more and more is only because you think it is okay, it is NOT your business and finally they will affect you, just like butterfly effect, more or less damage your so called life.

In fact, Our private investigator have plenty experiences working with brands and law offices , even authorities multinational against those counterfeits, we found it is far beyond important than we originally thought, and that is also why the major brands and companies would invest more and more money and time fighting against counterfeits crime.

We are experienced in plenty cases not only at Taiwan, but also China.

Shall you have such problems, just contact our case manager for a further discussion.

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