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Premarital Investigation

How important you think a pre-marital check against your fiancee?

Once you found he / she cheated on you in your marriage, you shall be regret you do not even try to know him / her more. In other cases, the possible debt, long term unemployed, even bad health condition or family background will cause a certain risk of your marriage. And unfortunately, in most of the time, true love is just NOT enough.

Hence, a certain pre-marital investigation against your fiancee is just like an insurance and help you to get equal chances and information to decide shall you wish to proceed this relationship into a further step by marriage legal means, and make him / her truly become one of your family.

No mention the same Taiwanese, but most of the time the cross culture relationships are the worse and risky when you decided to proceed a further step. After all, a certain relationship is NOT just like an ONS, you will not simply walk away without any lost.

It might be very easy to get a divorce of the record, but sometimes, the real problem is not only mentally but also physically and even financially lost in a lousy marriage.

Don’t risk yourself devoting into an uncertain relationship, and sometimes, some people are way beyond your imagination, in good or even bad ways.

Wish Detective Taiwan has the best team of private investigators.

Let us know what else we could help you in your case here, or somewhere in this world.

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