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Litigation Support

Litigation support service is to support all of your court cases

No matter civil or crime cases, and co-work with your lawyers to help you figure out ways to win the case, just like a double insurance.

For any kind of case in the court, your lawyer is never like police nor other law-enforcement units could do all the confirmation even collecting evidences for you, hence you will need professionals to work for you on that. Sometimes it is just too hard to gather necessary evidences because not everyone in this world are trained, or even can be equipped to do so.

If you have such problems and in need of help, please DO NOT hesitate to call us on 0800-52-3333 /24 h free dial services line for further information.

How do we proceeding a litigation support?

Our advisors will be assigned to your case and gather all details and clues for further analyzing, and quickly find out where the problem is, even to discuss the court tactics and offer comprehensive consulting services with lawyers to figure out ways to win your case. We also have pre-law-enforcement associates could help with further science / technology support if you or your case needs a recheck of evidence.

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