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Our Services

Mr. Gibson Y.J. Cheng is a 30yrs veteran in China / Taiwan Private Investigation field, who leads a professional team and build a strong global network to serve clients all over the world with their local matters.

For all kinds of cases, private or corporate sector, even crime investigations, Wish Detectives Taiwan and its private investigator (PI) team serve our clients discreetly with reliable sources and abilities, based on high quality control and strict working code, to ensure a successful result could help and satisfy our clients.

Our global networks covered majorly Greater China area, East Asia, and more in North America and Europe.

  • Due Diligence Analysis
  • Intellectual Property Security
  • Insurance investigation
  • Trademark Infringements
  • Brand Protection
  • Copyright Violation
  • Licensing & Franchise Violations
  • Unfair Competition Practices
  • Mark Usage & History / Debugging Sweep
  • Pre-Transaction Intelligence
  • Misrepresentations
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Pre-Merger / Pre-Acquisition Investigations
  • Witness Location / Litigation Support
  • Witness Interviews and Statements
  • Witness Investigations and Evaluations

Wish Detectives Taiwan

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