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Only to check your cheating spouses? NO!!


We can and we are offering more Private investigation services far beyond your imagination.

Wish Detective Taiwan is NOT the normal Taiwan PI services those who only can check your cheating spouses or your lousy boy / girlfriends. What we do and we are really good at are mainly corporate investigations.

We have ex-law enforcement and official experts in various fields, well trained and experienced in legal tactics to tailor your all kind of needs, such as IP / Patent issues, multinational trademark matters etc. We worked with Taiwan authorities such as MJIB, Police IPR crime investigation team to help our clients protect their business rights in NOT only Taiwan, but even at Mainland China.

We love challenge, and we have our connections and networks to truly help you in all kind cases of your private / corporate sector.

Would you like to know more??

Please kindly contact our advisors / case managers for further details.

We offer only high quality and reliable services to all your needs.


Wish Detectives Taiwan held and established by more then 30 years experienced private investigation expert, Mr. Gibson Cheng. He is well connected to official / private sectors in not only Taiwan, but Greater China Area and East Asia. Wish detectives Taiwan has a long client list to prove we offered useful results and accurate reports only, with efficiency and acceptable costs.

We are proud of our professional services and good relationship with all of our clients of personals, private corporations, even governmental agencies.

We offer tailor-made services to all kinds of client’s needs, with strict NDA and working code to offer leagl services for all our clients. NOT like other services or even freelancers in Taiwan, we have strict company policies and working code to operate all cases for our clients. No matter what kind of your cases, Our private investigator will do the best to comply.

Our goal is only one and one only, that is to resolve your problems, in a best way.

Our experienced and skillful private investigators (PI) in Taiwan are awaiting your command.

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