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Affair collect evidence

What if you need a adultery evidence to file your divorce case in court?

Yes, all you need is NOT just evidence, but USEFUL and LEGAL evidence to win your case.

To risk yourself by choosing your "pis aller" with only budget control will mostly cause you not only lose divorce case, but your kids custody, even your financial rights in this marriage.

A skilled private investigation company will always help you think and act before things go bad. Through a complete and good plan of investigation, you will be able to explain this to the court, and help your lawyer, as well as yourself, to win this divorce for yourself, and get recovered as much as you can of possible lost in this marriage.

There are too many cases could support this fact, and, as adultery is still guilty in Taiwan, you need professional approach to put all stuff together, and operate it legally.

Wish Detectives Taiwan works with professional law firms domestically and overseas, to protect your legal rights, your money and your kids 24 / 7.

Let us know what we could help, our private investigator will try the best to do.

Wish Detectives Taiwan

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