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Occupational injury fraud Investigation

Occupational injury fraud investigation is to help corporation and insurance company to check and to confirm there is no any fraud involved, as someone might use such issue to blackmail those company and get lots of money. Our work will certainly help companies to their employment control and cost down.

Sometimes some people will use this to ask for huge compensation or they will sue the company and seize their operational bank account, or even company properties. It will directly damage the company credit and business function, and leads more damage when goes public on media references.

These people who fraud their company will always not alone, they will work with doctors, lawyers, even some other employees or supervisors in company to get paid, these will certainly cause a big damage and these companies have nothing to do with it.

Our experienced investigators worked for multinational insurance companies for years regarding their claim check and all compensation evaluations. We have confidence and abilities to help such cases and clients to resolve the problems even to negotiate with the injury fraud scammers, and ensure a better condition or even to resolve whole situation.

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